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Autor: Rey619 Verfasst am 07. 03. 2020
Website will close 2020 !!!

Hey guys,

I choose for my own the Website will close in 2020 .

I will not more longer support this. 

If you ask "Why" ?

  • The Problem is the Website is broken since i update this to PHP 7.2
  • I have no "know how" about create or changing a Website.
  • Since 2 - 3 years i dont found any people to for joining to Jesus-Clan for change the Website.
  •  Only 2 guys (me and MadAki ) supporting (with money ) the Server and Website since last year.
  • Many people offline since last year. Its only a one man clan. ( I know "life" change )
  • Btw. we have a Facebook Group but i cant change remove or do anthing because i dont have the rights on there.
I will save the domain Jesus-Clan.com / org. on my own ( i will change the Provider/Host ) that i can say, maybe in the future the website will come back.
Teamspeak 3 Server and the 7 Days to Die  Server i will run with my costs thats for sure.
Jesus Clan Steam Group will be still alive (if i become the full rights ) and i will post NEWS in the Group.
MadAki if you still here please let me know via Teamspeak, e-mail, post or twitter.

Stay tuned, its not the last post.

Best regards Rey619